Reservations and Traveling

  • Keep your honeymoon under wraps, at first. Some companies will try to charge you more, reasoning that you’ll want to splurge on this special getaway. Once your reservations are finalized, share the reason for your trip. You might receive complimentary champagne on the plane or an upgrade at your hotel.
  • Many honeymoon destinations offer all-inclusive packages that can reduce the overall cost of your trip. When you inquire, ask specifically whether taxes, gratuities, and alcoholic beverages are included.
  • Once your honeymoon flights are booked, go to Seat Guru or Seat Expert to help find the best two seats on the airplane.
  • Shop around before you book your rental car. Get an estimate from one company away from the airport. If you decide to purchase rental car insurance, which can be pricey, check first to see if you’re covered by your credit card or personal auto insurance.
  • If you plan to travel internationally, be sure to leave yourself ample time to get a passport, this can take 6-8 weeks. If you already have a passport, check that it is not expired. In addition, some international destinations require that your passport not expire within 3-6 months of your return date.
  • When checking in at the airline desk, mention that you are on your honeymoon. Complimentary business or first class upgrades are possible if there is availability.
  • Slip an easily compressed duffle bag into your suitcase. If you learn your luggage is too heavy when you check-in with your airline, you can quickly repack and avoid fees of up to $150.
  • Check the weather report for your destination.