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After spending the hectic time at your wedding, you are now all set to go for a honeymoon. Honeymoon is the time when newly wed couples get to know each other well. Your first time outing as a couple must be very special and both bride and bridegroom should try to make most out of it. Here you will find some simple, yet effective, tips for a bride to make her honeymoon a pleasurable experience. So, go ahead and read on.

1. Must look attractive

As this is your wedding night, it is quite obvious that you must be glowing. To make yourself look even more attractive, wear the special sexy lingerie bought for this occasion. Make sure not to disclose this lingerie to your partner before this night and it comes as a surprise to him on this very special night. Everyone loves surprises and surely your partner will love it too. He will find it sensually pleasurable. While choosing the lingerie, if in doubt, opt for a classic one, it can never go wrong.

2. Fantasy time

Your partner might be having some fantasies; if possible, try to discuss about them prior to your wedding. No other occasion would be better than your honeymoon to fulfill them. Give it a try if it is not making you uncomfortable, but being a bit flexible on your part will surely be appreciated by your partner.

3. Communication is important

Communication plays an important role in every relationship. Every woman’s body structure is different, so your partner would appreciate it if you guide him. Men like it when their partner guides them. Just be careful that while doing so, you are not making him feel insecure. Guide him by softly speaking with him. Give him simple hints by whispering in his ears. Don’t be shy to tell what you are feeling, express yourself well. Tell him about the positions in which you are enjoying more and what positions are making you uncomfortable. You can suggest him sensual areas of your body quietly, in natural way, by initiating the correct position. There is nothing wrong in doing that. He would definitely love to know your positive response.

4. Cooperate with him

Try and get involve in the act as much as you can, because mutual devotion is very important for having a pleasurable experience. It is important that both of you are satisfied. There are things that might not go the way you had planned them, don’t be upset with that. Cooperate your partner, he will definitely like it.

5. Keep it clear

Men love to see their bride with a clean body. Make sure that all the extra hairs from your body are removed properly. Some men find those extra hairs very unpleasant. But to keep a small decorative patch is perfectly alright.

In the end what matters the most is the love that you feel for your partner. Savor every moment of this occasion and try to make it the most memorable part of your married life.